Syncovery pro enterprise premium 8.20 Build 164 x86/64/macOS 3.5/5 (2)

syncovery pro enterprise premium

syncovery pro enterprise premium

Software for backup and synchronization of files and folders. With this program, you can backup your files and folders and synchronize and sync them with different devices. This program has a very high speed, and its sink function is instantaneous, that is, the smallest changes to the folder structure and file content are created,Those changes are equally aligned in other devices. You can use the scheduling tool to schedule different schedules and set up software to run and execute its scheduled tasks. All operations performed in this program are completely secure and nothing is done without the user’s knowledge and without having been pre-set.syncovery pro enterprise premium

It has a simple, user-friendly interface, and all the steps are presented to the user in the simplest way possible. All you have to do is select the appropriate options according to your requirements, as explained in the wizards, and finally start your work plan. In , you can define different profiles for a variety of baking and sinking techniques, so that you do not repeat the settings and configurations at any time and just start the program by selecting a predefined profile.syncovery pro enterprise premium

Sinking data in this program is available to users in several ways, for example, you can do only one-way sinking, for example, whenever a change is made in the source, update the destination, but the destination changes do not have an effect on the source. Or, in the opposite case, a two-way sink, in which any change in the origin or destination will be reflected on the other. Folders and source and destination files can be anywhere, even on FTP servers, hosts, Claude servers, etc. The capabilities of this program are very noticeable in the sinking of the data and will definitely be worth once-checking.

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Syncovery Compatibility:

All versions of Windows since Windows XP and Server 2003 are fully supported, including Windows 10 and Server 2012 and all other versions and editions of Windows that have a graphical user interface. Syncovery is available in 32-bit and 64-bit editions. The 64-bit editions require at least Windows Vista. For older 64-bit Windows versions, please use the 32-bit edition of Syncovery.

For Windows 2000, please download Syncovery version 6 from our additional downloads page.


Download Syncovery_Pro Premium / Enterprise 8.20 Build 164 x64

Download Syncovery_Pro Premium / Enterprise 8.20 Build 164 x86

Download Syncovery_7.94a macOS


syncovery pro enterprise premium

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