Iperius Backup Full 6.0.2 + keygen 2019 4/5 (1)

iperius backup full

iperius backup full

It is compatible with any tape drive, like DAT and high-capacity LTO Ultrium devices.

It includes advanced features like compression and AES encryption, restore of individual files and incremental. Finally, it allows to configure different types and numerous options, at a very affordable cost.

iperius backup full

is a program for backing up and restoring folders and files from a computer, it is possible to synchronize disks and other devices.

Of the features worth mentioning support for compression in ZIP, file encryption, support for sending emails about , advanced scheduler, automatically shutting down the computer after the backup is completed.

Iperius Backup Full patch Externally, the program looks good, the Russian interface is there, the settings are enough, the possibilities too, I hope the tool will be useful for you.

iperius backup full


  • Drive image (disaster recovery)
  • Backup to Google Drive, Amazon S3, Azure Storage, OneDrive, Dropbox
  • Remote FTP/SFTP
  • to any Tape (LTO, DAT, etc.)
  • of any database
  • Compression and AES encryption
  • Scheduling of automatic backups
  • Installation as service
  • of VMware ESXi / Hyper-V virtual machines
  • Upload and Download of websites
  • Flexible retention policies
  • Incremental and synchronization
  • Open file (VSS)
  • to NAS, USB drives, RDX, etc.
  • E-mail notifications
  • Support and updates included
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iperius backup full

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