AOMEI Backupper 4.6.3 All Editions+portable 2019 4/5 (1)

aomei backupper

aomei backupper

A powerful and easy-to-use product for storing your system. Computer systems are subject to various dangers from computer malware to physical destruction, theft, and so on.

aomei backupper4.6.3 On the other hand, the hard disk of your computer is almost all of your digital assets, so you should always have a secure copy of this data in a safe place.

As you know, there are various tools for doing this. This program also offers all the features you need to make a backup

One click and within a few minutes you can back up your hard drive.

These backups are stored as image files. You can explore the images at any time so that if you need a particular version of a file, you can extract that single file without restoring the entire image.

aomei backupper

aomei backupper One of the cool features of this product is the ability to backup Bobbacks. That is, even if your system does not come up for any reason, by putting the save disk on this software, you can restore your system in a few minutes to a healthy version.

This product uses the Windows VSS feature to back up partitions and hard disk drives, which allows you to back up any partition you want to backup even when working with different programs. Backups compiled from the disk include all data, partitions, hard disk MBR records, and this will make the system clean up even if your system is infected with the boot sector viruses.

aomei backupper With this software, you can easily clone or duplicate a hard drive’s data to another hard drive without even having to create a disk image. This feature is very useful when you have an external hard drive and you always have a copy of your internal hard drive in a safe place. The proper appearance, durability and simplicity of this program are among its main features.

aomei backupper


Files/Folders Backup
– Securely back up individual files and folders, such as email, photos, videos, documents, games, and programs. Also, it supports backing up files from one network/NAS to another.
System Backup
– One-click system drive backup of all contents, including Windows operating system, installed applications and custom settings without interrupting your work.
Disk Backup
– Backup your hard disk drives, including basic disk, dynamic disk, MBR disk, GPT disk, external disk, USB flash drive and other storage devices that can be recognized by Windows.
Partition Backup
– If you just want to backup one or more specified partitions or dynamic volumes, not entire disk. This free backup software allows you to back up partitions or dynamic volumes to a compressed image file.


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aomei backupper

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