winutilities professional edition 15.7 2019+ key

winutilities professional edition

winutilities professional edition

is an unusually comprehensive suite for cleaning, repairing and optimising your PC.

It includes all the tools you’d expect to find in this kind of package.

So there are modules to find and delete junk files clean your Registry remove unwanted startup programs and locate duplicate files that could be wasting your hard drive space for instance. 

One or two of these are weak but most are effective and easy-to-use.

But there are also plenty of surprises. Like a defrag tool that doesn’t just reproduce the standard Windows module but also adds a host of configuration options you can move files to the end of the disk or sort files by name size or according to their last access change or creation time so there’s a good chance you’ll find a strategy that works for you.

winutilities professional edition

I want to note that all tools are sorted into categories for example if you need to clear traces of being online or simply remove garbage go to the appropriate section and there will already be a list of utilities which is of course convenient.

winutilities professional edition is able to automatically update at the expense of whether registration will fly off or not at the same time I can not say did not try so decide for yourself.

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Let’s go over the list of utilities a bit of course you can clean the hard disk from all sorts of garbage Also you can clean the registry and in which a lot of garbage accumulates over time there is a tool for fixing shortcuts You can completely remove the programs installed on your system.

can also defragment hard drives; optimize memory freeing up more space for demanding applications; you can edit the list of loaded programs at system startup.
it is possible to clear all traces of the activity of your stay on the Internet; you can recover deleted files; search for duplicate files.

is able to backup the registry if you wish you can manage Windows add-ons It was a brief overview of the program’s capabilities I think you yourself already understand how functional it is.

winutilities professional edition


  • – Fixed a bug in Registry Cleaner that may cause unexpected results
  • – Improved History Cleaner module
  •  -Added more plugins for History Cleaner module
  • – Updated database
  • – Updated translations
  • – Performance improvements & Minor tweaks


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winutilities professional edition