Iobit software updater pro free 2019

iobit software updater pro

iobit software updater pro

is a freeware app that helps you update all outdated programs with just One-click and also install all popular must have programs easily.

The one-click update solution frees you from updating outdated programs one by one from different sources or websites, which can save you a lot of time and work.

enables you to update programs automatically at a scheduled time and shut down/ reboot your computer automatically after the update is completed.

iobit software updater pro

iobit software updater pro also provides a large database for featured must have in various categories Browsers, Security, Social, Multimedia, Runtimes, and Utilities and Tools.

You can easily and quickly install all selected with one-click without worrying about annoying ads and bundleware, even malware.

It must be your best choice when you need to install many programs, especially when you get a new computer or after you reinstall, format, or upgrade your computer.

This Updater is designed to simplify the task of keeping all the applications on your computer up-to-date.

It can check for new versions and install them automatically, even without user input.

Moreover, it can help you download and install popular applications for various purposes.

iobit software updater pro

Features iobit software updater pro :

Keep your installed software up-to-date

  • The application was mainly designed to help you download and install updates. When you launch it for the first time, it scans your PC for supported programs and checks if newer versions are available. If found, updates can be downloaded and installed automatically.
  • It is worth noting that IObit Updater only supports popular applications, so you cannot rely on it to keep all your installed software up-to-date. It would be great if more programs were supported, as being able to update less mainstream would make it a lot more helpful.
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Download and install recommended applications

  • Aside from updating existing software, IObit Software Updater can also help you download and set up recommended programs that can help you in various ways.
  • These applications are sorted into various categories (browsers, security, multimedia, etc.), and you can select multiple products and install them all at once.

Create restore points and restore your system if necessary

  • When you install updates, the application can create a restore point automatically. If you run into any issues with the newer versions of software, you can revert to an earlier restore point at any time.
  • To sum up, IObit Software Updater is a helpful program for users who need an easier way to keep their installed applications up-to-date, as well as install new software. However, it supports a limited number of products at present, so it would benefit from an expanded software database.


IObit Software Updater



iobit software updater pro